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Langford Fire Rescue Wood Crests

Eco Friendly and Sustainable Product

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Langford Fire Rescue has been City of Langford's primary fire and rescue organization since 1947.

Most of Langford Fire Rescue is comprised of dedicated volunteer firefighters who care passionately about their community. Over 60 strong, Langford Fire Rescue is well-equipped to extinguish fires, extricate traffic accident victims, and save people on land or lake.

Our Solid Wood eco-friendly Crests and Medals are second to none. Hewn from certified sustainable wood sourced in the Pacific Northwest. We have perfected our techniques and the finished product is stunning! We take your logo, theme or graphic and fashion a piece of wood into a fantastic keepsake. Recipients are wowed when they get something not only Original, but Green & Sustainable!

Custom products so please contact us with any question

  • Size: 3.5"(9.0 cm)
  • Thickness: .25" (0.5 cm)
  • Wood: Alder, Cedar.
  • Finish: Water-based clearcoat.
  • Crest not here....Contact Us!

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