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Laser Wood Sheets

Solid Laser Wood & Eco Friendly!

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LaserWood™ Heritage Wooden Gifts  

Heritage Wooden Gifts has been providing laser cutting & engraving services, products and solutions for over 20 years. We can now offer some of our specialty wood for other crafts folks. The wood we use is custom planed and sanded to work specifically with a laser engraver. Our solid Alder and Cedar are second to none. Tight Grain and solid engraving results.

See some of the images for the results you can get by using our wood!

All of our premium LaserWood™  hardwoods and softwood sheets sourced locally.

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  • Premium Laser Engraving & Cutting Wood
  • Solid Wood
  • Western Red Alder. 6.5" x 23" x 3/16 
  • Western Red Cedar. 9.5" x 23" x 3/16
  • Douglas Fir 6.5" x 23" x 3/16
  • Western Red Maple 6.5" x 23" x 3/16
  • Ask us about a sample pack.
  • Contact us to order!

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Custom Orders

We can make virtually all of our products engraved or cutout with any logo or graphic that you like. We've made a wide array of custom awards, gifts, and keepsakes for everything from sports competitions to office parties to bridesmaids & groomsmen gifts and much more. Contact us to get started on your custom project today.

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