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Made on Vancouver Island!

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High quality, Canadian made wooden boxes & trays for display, resale, your products or gifts. Inspired & original. Can be branded with your logo or message! Gift Boxes, Product Boxes, Pet Urns, Coaster Boxes, Serving Trays, Condiment Boxes, Beer Boxes, Music Boxes and more! 

Resellers welcome!

  • Size: Varies up to about 2' (.5m)
  • Wood Thickness: .125" or .25" (3 mm to 6mm)
  • Weight: Varies with size.
  • Custom Cutting: Included in price
  • Custom Engraving: Included in price
  • Wood: Solid Western Red Alder
  • Need a bunch of wooden boxes? Contact us!

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Custom Orders

We can make virtually all of our products engraved or cutout with any logo or graphic that you like. We've made a wide array of custom awards, gifts, and keepsakes for everything from sports competitions to office parties to bridesmaids & groomsmen gifts and much more. Contact us to get started on your custom project today.

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